Chicago Blackhawks cake

How to create a Hawks logo out of fondant? Cut and layer, cut and layer… (For a more intensive Blackhawks cake, check out my other post here, or here for intricately iced Blackhawks/ hockey cookies, or here for some Hawks jersey cookies, or here for a life-sized puppy cake for Bryan Bickell’s foundation!)

I was sooo out of time with this cake that I didn’t even take one photo. Ridiculous! Unfortunately, you’ll have to rely on my verbal description. 😦

1. Cover cake with white fondant.
2. Roll out a piece of black fondant. Carve the outline of the Blackhawk head.
3. Roll out a piece of skin-tone fondant. Gently lay the black cutout on top of that, and lightly trace the outline.
4. Remove the black piece and place on the cake. Then, using your lightly-traced outline as a guide, go in about a quarter inch and cut out the face. 5. Cut out the indentations marking the nose, mouth, cheek, chin, and forehead. Lay on the black piece.
6. Cut an eye and eyebrow and lay them on top.
7. Cut out the feathers and lay them on top.
8. Use buttercream and pipe the detail on both the feathers and the hair. And you’re done!

hawks cakes


7 thoughts on “Chicago Blackhawks cake

  1. Jackie Baumann

    Do make cakes to sell? I just saw the Chicago Blackhawks cake. My son’s birthday is coming up next week on Friday. How do I make it possible for his cake to look like like that?
    Jackie Baumann


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