Biking up the hill

I created a bike rider cake for a friend who is into cyclocross. This provided me with #1, the opportunity to learn what that is, and #2, create the world’s cutest little fondant biker man!! Isn’t he adorable?!

fondant biker from front   fondant biker from back

I baked a few rounds of chocolate cake, stacked two together, and then proceeded to cut and stack the rest. Then came the crumb coat, and, can I just say… this was the crumbiest of all crumb coats! The chocolate cake I used was so moist and fresh that it was literally impossible for me to make a clean coat. In fact, in the photo below, it looks like cookies and cream frosting! biker cake hill  biker cake hill with frosting   biker cake covering with fondant

Then came the time to lay the fondant. I absolutely stink at covering cakes with fondant. I would love to practice or something, but it is way too expensive. So I just always roll it out and hope for the best! In this particular case, it didn’t really matter, because it was supposed to be textured anyways. But still. I wish I could be better.

Once the fondant was laid down, it was time to create the path. I painted a bit of piping gel up the hill and sprinkled graham cracker crumbs over the top. Ta-da!

biker cake adding path

biker cake

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