Dessert Sushi

Fintraditional costa rican foodally, a type of sushi that I love! I created this sushi for my college friends’ annual summer get-together. We take turns planning it each year and I was in charge this summer. I decided to go with a global theme, and so each meal was representative of a different part of the world. My favorite meal was the Costa Rican breakfast- yum!!

I know this is a dessert blog, but dang, these Costa Rican foods are delicious! The main dish, gallo pinto, is rice and beans. We also made patacones (plantains filled with refried black beans and white cheese and then fried). Add some eggs, typical Tico fruits (pineapple, mango, and papaya), some coffee, and a fresh fruit smoothie, and you have a meal fit for a king!costa rican chorreador We even used a chorreador (at right) to make the coffee- and both the coffee and the chorreador were purchased in CR. This typical method of brewing just means that you place the grounds in the bolsita, put a cup underneath (don’t forget that part, like I did my first time!), and then pour boiling water over the grounds. This eliminates the need for paper filters, and the accumulated coffee grounds that collect in the bolsita add a richness and flavor. ¡Qué rico!

But I digress.

In an attempt to create a dessert in keeping with our global theme, I decided to try to make dessert sushi. After a long time oogling real sushi photos on the internet (now THERE are some real artists! Wow!), I chose a few types that lent themselves fairly easily to recreation with sugar. 🙂

The process is fairly simple. I cooked a pan of brownies and used a small circle cookie cutter to make the rolls. (I wanted something dark and smooth to mimic the look of the seaweed wrapping.) Then I used white sprinkles and pressed them in to the top in an effort to recreate rice. For one roll, I chose strawberries and kiwi to dice up and put amidst the rice to act as avocado and fish. The other is topped with pomegranate seeds (to mimic fish eggs). For the tuna in the middle, I molded rice krispies and topped each one with a slice of peeled plum. Yum!

dessert sushi

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