Carving a Police Car Cake

In honor of National Police Week, I decided to make a police car cake and bring it to our local station. And though it ended up looking like something out of a 1950s gangster movie, I would imagine they ate it anyways. 🙂 So after a bit of research, which involved a short-lived numbskull idea to go to the police station and take photographs of their cars (I can imagine the headlines: “Local teacher arrested for suspicious behavior in police station parking lot”), I decided on a design and set to work.

STEP 1: Begin with a ridiculously thick pound cake batter. There are FOURTEEN EGGS in these two pans. I mean….is that even legal? The comments on the recipe I used here said the cake was delicious, but I guess the yolk’s on me if this cake isn’t egg-xactly everything it’s cracked up to be.

(Sorry. I’ll stop.)
(And yes, the cake was egg-shell-ent.)

pound cake batter

STEP 2: Once the cakes are cooked, layer ’em up and start to carve! Be careful, because you can’t ever put cake back on. (Lesson learned the hard way.)

carving a police car cake STEP 3: Frost!police car cake carving with frosting STEP 4: Add the fondant details…

fondant details of police car cake STEP 5: Deliver to the police station in honor of National Police Week. Thank you for all that you do!

police car cake in parking lot police car cake


2 thoughts on “Carving a Police Car Cake

  1. Jeanine

    This is wonderful! I hope they appreciated your hard work. I think it looks great even if it isn’t eggs-actly like today’s cars. (Your writing is SO funny.)


  2. Mary

    What a great idea! Another fun, creative cake , and a very special thank you to the police department for what they do for us.


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