“Best Cake Ever” Contest

Brush embroidery: a cake decorating technique that is so elegant, and so easy! You’ll simply an already-covered cake, a paintbrush, and some thinned buttercream icing in an icing bag (the smaller the tip, the more delicate your flowers).

Using the piping bag, pipe shape using slightly jagged lines. (Hint: You can lightly press a flower cookie cutter into the fondant/buttercream base, so that you simply trace the lines with your piping bag!)

Brush inwards. If flower is large enough, draw another, smaller, flower in the center. Here are my steps:

And the finished product:

I’ve found the technique to really “pop” with contrasting colors. And yet, it also looks very beautiful and delicate as white-on-white.  Brush embroidery also works great with royal icing!

What other ways have you found to use brush embroidery?


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