Salad Cake

DSCN8981 What does a cake decorator do when asked to bring something to share for “Salad Day” at work? Oh yeah. This is my kind of salad. 🙂

The first step in this cake is to make all of the veggies and lettuce leaves. This takes a while but is very relaxing and fun to do while watching a movie, for example. 🙂 It is imperative that these are made at least a week in advance, otherwise they won’t be dry in time.

I like the leaves to have a little dimension and movement. Therefore, rather than cutting them out of fondant and laying them down flat, I crumpled up wax paper and put the lettuce leaves all over that. This part actually goes pretty quickly- take it from me! I am an extremely fastidious person (that’s the nice way of putting it!) but DSCN8983it’s good if these are done a bit hastily. No two lettuce leaves are unique, right? 🙂

Once you’re ready to put it all together, it’s a cinch! This cake came together in less than an hour! Just stack a few rounds together, carve the bottom in a little (so that it looks like a bowl), and put on the frosting! Smooth the sides (I wanted to add a basket weave, but I didn’t have time) and then add a border on the top and bottom of the bowl.

Once you’ve added the border, it is super simple. Throw on the veggies and you’re good to go! DSCN8993

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