How to Host a Blackhawks Party

How to Host a Blackhawks Party:
Step 1. Invite fun-loving and creative fans to the party! My amazingly crafty sister MADE this adorable wine-sleeve!

blackhawks homemade wine bottle cover jacket

Step 2. Ask each guest to bring a dish to pass. The catch is that the dish must be somehow related to a player on the team. Allow your guests to pick their player and see how creative they can be! (Note: Our guests were VERY creative!)

Johnny Cakes .. Jonathan Toews
Oh my Darling Clementines .. Scott Darling
Cole-Shaw .. Andrew Shaw

Q and his Stache .. Coach “Q” QuennevilleBlackhawks hockey coach q mustache cookies royal icing

Excuse me, Ar-tem pierogies? Yes, there’s potato in the center!” .. Artem Anisimov (who plays center. See how witty everyone is?)
Kane’s Buffalo Wings .. Patrick Kane (from Buffalo, NY)
IMG_0345 (1)

Rode bedetke dessert .. TVR, or Trevor van Riemsdyk (“rode bedetke” is the Dutch translation of her brownie dessert. Dutch, like his last name.)
Apple Core-y bars .. Corey Crawford
#FruitAndCrap .. Brent Seabrook (When asked during the recent playoff run how the training staff keeps them in playing shape for so many overtime periods, he replied, “They give us a lot of fruit and crap.” And thus a hashtag was born.)

Desjardins-era Peppers .. Andrew Desjardins
Breadman’s Loaves .. Artemi Panarin (nickname: Breadman)
garButt (rump) Roast Italian Beef .. Ryan Garbutt

Marian-ated Vegetables .. Marian Hossa
5-Stará Wines .. Marian Hossa (he was born in Stará Lubovna, Czechoslovakia. These wines are from that region.)
Give us this day our Daley bread .. Trevor Daley

Bickell’s Pickles .. Bryan Bickell
Q’s Queso .. Coach Q
Duncan’s Teeth .. Duncan Keith
Kolaczki from Slo-‘HAWK’-ia .. Marian Hossa

Step 3. Next, offer prizes for winners of the squares:

Step 4. Play “Blackhawks vs. Blues Bingo!” hockey bingo card

For more ideas of goodies to bring to your Blackhawks party, check out my how-to links to past Hawks projects below:
Life-sized dog and jersey cake for Bickell Foundation’s event (click here):

Christmas Hockey Cookie Tree (click here):IMG_4583

Hockey Rink with Gum-Paste Players made for WGN Radio (click here):IMG_3342

Cutout Cookies with Royal Icing (click here):IMG_5260IMG_5286

Stanley Cup-Cakes (click here):IMG_5650
“Road to the Cup” cake made for WGN TV (click here): DSCN0138

This one isn’t a cake. It’s my cute puppy all dressed up in Snapchat. I just wanted to share him with the world. 🙂 IMG_0352

One thought on “How to Host a Blackhawks Party

  1. Anonymous

    What fun! You should totally share this with the Blackhawk team! They should be aware of what a talented super fan is out there! Maybe some of them will need desserts for a function….


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