Tie-Dying with Toothpicks: Far Out, Man

How to impress someone with your decorating prowess: Tie-dye a cookie! They’ll be amazed, and you, meanwhile, will be sitting there like, “Well, I just dragged a toothpick through the icing, so…”

STEP 1: Make royal icing.
You’ll want at least one color of thick consistency (to outline the shirt). You’ll also need a bag of each color in thin consistency.

rainbow colors of royal icing for tie dye cookiesSTEP 2: QUICKLY pipe the colors onto the cookie in whatever pattern you want.

STEP 3: Drag a toothpick from the center circle outwards. Take a new toothpick each time, so the colors don’t run together.

how to make tie dye shirt cookies with toothpick and royal icing Step 4 (optional): Wear bell-bottoms and sing to yourself whilst placing flowers in your braided hair.
Just joking. I’m a child of the 80s and have no idea what happened in the 60s. Actually, I don’t even know if tie-dye is from the 60s, but simply judging from a lifetime of Homecoming Week Spirit Days, usually with a “Decades” theme, most people agree with me.

tie dye cookies with royal icingThe royal icing crusts quickly. Do not take your time piping the color on, because you’ll find it will start crusting almost immediately and you won’t have a smooth finish. Just throw it on there, I promise! And don’t delay with the toothpick-pulling, either. Time is your enemy in this case. 🙂

You’ll see some flecks of green in the step-by-step photo above. This is because the bag of royal icing I was using had already started to crust around the top of the bag, and the crusty bits fell off into the fresh icing. Try to keep the top of your bag facing upwards so this doesn’t happen to you! Do not let the bag droop to the side! tie dye shirt cookies royal icing bagsGo ahead! Give it a whirl! And if you try it, post a photo in the comments below– I’d love to see them!

2 thoughts on “Tie-Dying with Toothpicks: Far Out, Man

  1. jkatzel

    These are beautiful! So realistic. Where did you learn about these things. As a child of the 60s, I can assure you they were popular back then….but they never looked, or tasted, so good! Congratulations on another marvelous idea!


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