Painting on Cookies: 6 four-inch Portraits

Ok, the cat is out of the bag. I like art. So when I hosted a painting party on New Year’s, I couldn’t help but bring some cookie treats. The people attending the party had each chosen an artist and I used some of their choices to help decide which paintings to put on the cookies. I also included an icing version of the artist’s actual signature.

All cookies were decorated with royal icing and/or painted with gel food coloring. The one below, for example, was done using a pointed tool dipped in icing and then dabbed onto the cookie. All I can say is, thank goodness this cookie is only 4 inches, because… I did not like this particular step. how to paint cookies lichtenstein Next on my purchase list: a rectangular cookie cutter. I don’t own one, so I used a tupperware to cut the cookies out. And how awful it looks! Bumpy and uneven edges. One would think that I would have just used a knife, for pete’s sake. Alas. So here are some pretty paintings on really awfully-cut cookies.

cookie painting daliIMG_0510(Sorry about Leonardo’s photoshopped leaf, but this is a G-rated blog, people!)

cookie painting vermeer pearl earringcookie painting lichtensteincookie painting frida kahlo cookie painting warholIf you’re as interested as I am in the fusion of sweets and art, you can find my other art-cakes at the following links:
Renaissance: Michelangelo with modeling chocolate
Renaissance: da Vinci with food coloring
Impressionism: Monet with Nerds candy
Impressionism: Monet with royal icing
Impressionism: Cezanne with apple peels
Post-Impressionism: Van Gogh with buttercream
Cubism: Picasso with fondant
Photography: Adams with chocolate shavings
Surrealism: Dalí with gum paste and food coloring

2 thoughts on “Painting on Cookies: 6 four-inch Portraits

  1. Jeanine Katzel

    So wonderful! Your creations are so amazing. I never stop being amazed at what you do! And I so enjoy your posts! Keep ’em coming!


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