Airbrushed Radar Map

Step-by-step guide to creating a Chicagoland weather map with frosting and an airbrush machine:

1. Cover cake board with fondant and frost the cake with buttercream.

photo 1

2. Put plastic wrap around the cake board so you don’t spray it with the airbrush machine! 🙂

photo 2_2

3. Start drawing those counties! Yikes, there are a lot of counties in Illinois!

photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 1photo 1 2photo 2 3photo 3 4photo 4

4. Add a black border to tie it all together. Add a black fondant Lake Michigan.

5photo 5

5. Using metal cookie-cutters, cut the black letters out of fondant. Begin to pipe snowflakes.

333photo 3 444photo 4  11photo 16. Send final photo to Tom Skilling at WGN and wait for him to write you back with the world’s nicest compliments- which he did, because he’s the coolest weatherman ever! 22photo 2

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