Two Little (Chocolate) Mermaids

When one’s sister has been obsessed with The Little Mermaid since, well, forever, naturally, one throws her sister a mermaid baby shower. So I grabbed a chunk of modeling chocolate, shaped it into a tail, covered it with blue fondant, picked up a Tip #5, and settled in for the night, punching away. I realized a girl can measure her love for her sister in individually-punched mermaid tail scales. “Yes, I love my sister roughly 7,000 evenly-spaced holes’ worth.”  Then I painted it with gel food coloring and melted some isomalt and poured it on a silicone mat to harden in approximate “splash” shapes. Once they were hardened, I stuck them in the cake.Set those chocolate tails atop a buttercream cake, and voila! 

Fondant animals

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! It’s a fondant jungle out there!

I have to admit: I really enjoyed working on this cake. It was for a friend’s baby shower at work and though it took me a long time to decide on the theme, I’m really happy with what I chose. The only problem I had was narrowing down which animals I had time to make! 🙂 Each was created with fondant. Most of the limbs were attached with support sticks after they had dried for a day or two. Enjoy! IMG_2321 IMG_2299